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STADT NACHRICHTEN / Salzburger Nachrichten (2010/07/23), Salzburg – Austria
"Instruments are persons"

"When it comes to set out on talking about music, Marco Alesi becomes hard to be restrained...: - Music is emotion. Because of that, there's always something to be told being on the stage. Instruments act just like persons in a dialogue - , so he says vividly..."


DREHPUNKTKULTUR  (2009/02/19), Salzburg: Mozarteum, „Wiener Saal“ – Austria
"Full of pianistic virtuosity"
"...he played the “Fantasiestücke” op. 12“ by R. Schumann, with an extraordinarily romantic feeling..."
"... another rare occurrence was the Sonata in C minor by S. Prokofiev... Marco Alesi recreated the sound specificities as well as the virtuosic elements in the two Allegro movements, in a sharply balanced way..."  
(Horst Reischenböck)


Il SECOLO XIX (2006/09/09), Lerici (La Spezia) – Italy
"Alesi's magic on the piano"
"... and truly his name is to catch on: for he gets on deeply with the true music, and is able to spread the strenght of a touching embrace... after leaving the stage within acclaims, he gave more again, as an encore, a magical execution of Chopin's  Polonaise and Waltzes, which completed an extraordinary night..."
(Sondra Coggio)


STADTBLATT (2007/01/24), Salzburg - Austria
"Marco Alesi, a true master of his art"


SEPTYNIOS MENO DIENOS „7mD“ (2006/03/24), Vilnius – Lithuania
"Playing in particularly bright way, the guest touched the attendants of Čiurlionis' House with his italian character. Those present were delighted by his interesting and peculiar interpretation of the works by W.A. Mozart, F. Liszt, F. Chopin and  M.K. Čiurlionis.”
(Viktorija Gurskaite)


DREHPUNKTKULTUR (2008/02/18), Salzburg: Grosses Festspielhaus – Austria   
"... At the Festspielhaus, the  young musicians of the Junge Philarmonie presented a various panel of sonority; of great importance was the performance of the solo bassonist and the perfect synchronism between the lead trumpet and the flute: absolutely admirable. An even greater praise is rightly deserved by the unnamed pianist (Marco Alesi), who, more than ever, has shown that the score by its origin is to be recognised as a concert for piano and orchestra..:"
(Horst Reischenböck)


DREHPUNKTKULTUR (2008/05/19), Salzburg – Austria
"the international chamber music ensemble lead by Marco Alesi was audibly present with their hearts...
... This lithuanian violinst  (Vytautas Martišius) probably took the pianist, Marco Alesi, to play, after a short break, the i “Du Noktuirnai” in F-sharp and C-sharp minor by M.K. Ciurlionis (dead in his early age). They are very inner sentimental impressions by the composer, who studied at the Warsaw Music Academy, and sometimes recalled what Chopin made as a standard. In the second of the Nocturnes, emotion explodes, almost overwhelming the space that seemed too small, due to such a passion Marco Alesi was playing with..."
(Horst Reischenböck)


MONAT (November, 2006), Salzburg – Austria
"Musical Jewel"
"With its concerts series, a performance at the Main Hall of (Salzburg) University and a live broadcast in Peru, the excellent alesiEnsemble, for sure, has been all the rage for creativity, sharpness, individuality and skill".


IL CORRIERE DEL VERBANO” (1999/01/06),  Maccagno (Varese) – Italy
"Acclaimed concert by Marco Alesi"
"... And as a prodigy of the technique Marco Alesi has been revealed, but primarily of interpreting challenging scores... The young pianist from Milan has been able to identify with those with great sensitiveness... where every fragment, each note reveals a research in depth, that galvanized the wide public..."


KRONEN ZEITUNG (2005/10/20), Salzburg – Austria  
"The alesiEnsemble focuses on a wide and original repertoire"


MONAT (December, 2005), Salzburg – Austria
"Eight Seasons"
"The original alesiEnsemble, that works around the young and seroious Marco Alesi, is always suited for surprises. Highly worthed music is coupled with professional attitude and enthusiasm..."

Translator: Alessio Valle, Capt. (Italian Air Force)

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